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Recycling Club

►The MCHS Recycling Club was founded in August, 2008 by students that came together and insisted that Muncie Central must have a recycling program.

►MCHS Recycling Club members collect recyclables after school every Friday until about 5:00. Meet in Room 318B (Student Center).

►More recycling means less garbage. Central now has two garbage dumpsters instead of four, saving the school thousands of dollars annually in dumping fees.

►We have kept over 150,000 pounds of recyclables (mostly paper) out of the landfill since 2008. In the 2012-2013 School Year we recycled 33,682 pounds of paper, 3,786 pounds of steel, 1078 pounds of other metals, and over 2,000 pounds of plastic bottles, batteries, and e-waste.

►We earned $2,885 in 2012-13 by selling paper, scrap metals, old cell phones and ink/toner, and other items. In principle, we use 50% of the funds to purchase containers and tools for recycling and to promote conservation. The other 50% is spent on tasty treats such as tacos, homemade ice cream, and cider for the club’s student volunteers.

New members are always welcome!

For more information please contact Mr. Kidd in Room 444 or Miss Spotts

Attention Faculty & Staff: Recycling Information for 2013-14

Thank you for helping make 2012-13 a success for the Muncie Central High School Recycling Club.

With your cooperation and the hard work of the student volunteers, we were able to recycle over 40,000 pounds last year.


Please let me know if you need a box or bin for recycling materials. With the money we earned selling paper, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and old ink / toner / cell phones, we have been able to purchase a number of additional bins and recycling waste boxes of various sizes. Small desk-sized blue recycle bins like the one in front of the mailboxes are also available if you would like an additional container to have next to your desk.


As in previous years, every Friday after school student volunteers will empty the bins from the classrooms, offices, copy rooms, and so forth. Please place your bin outside your door as students do not have any room keys and we do not want them going into classrooms unsupervised or uninvited.

What can we Recycle?

Paper: Newspapers, cardboard, phone directories, magazines, books, catalogs, workbooks, and office paper of all colors is all recyclable. We CANNOT recycle pizza boxes or other food-stained paper products, candy and snack wrappers, laminated paper, and paper towels and kleenex (Yuck!). We are able tore cycle hard-covered books and texts, but we need to remove the covers first. Please let us know if you have a box of these and we will gladly pick them up. You are more than welcome to bring in cardboard, newspapers, and other paper products from home. For our paper recycling, we greatly appreciate the support of Rock-Tenn Company in Eaton.

Plastic Bottles and Aluminum Cans: Bins for empty beverage containers are located in the cafeteria, student center, and copy room. Please let me know if you would like one for your lunch area.

Toner, Ink, and Cell Phones: Please put old ink and toner cartridges, cell phones, digital cameras, laptops, mp3 players, and so forth in the box next to there turn desk in the library, the container in the downstairs copy room, or in my mail box.

Batteries: Containers for batteries are located in the library, the downstairs copy room, and my room (444).

Metals: We can recycle steel, aluminum, copper, and most other metals. If you have broken chairs, desks or shelves, unwanted power cords or Christmas tree lights, appliances (except for fridges and air conditioners), old pots and pans, bicycles, and other items made out of metal, please see us and we will be glad to arrange to take them off your hands. (Thanks to the cooperation of the lunch ladies, we now recycle the #10 steel cans!)

Other: Please feel free to ask us about any items if you are unsure if they are recyclable or are looking for a place to responsibly dispose of them. We can recycle clean plastics #1~#7. (Sorry, no used lunch trays or utensils.) For safety reasons we avoid glass, but the Muncie Mission at 400 W. Memorial earns money for its programs from collecting glass food and beverage containers.

The Recycling Club is now located in Room 318B in the Student Center and we work out of there on Fridays. Please feel free to stop in and see our operation.

Thank you again for your continued support,

Allen Kidd

Japanese Teacher

Recycling Club Advisor