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In order to represent Muncie Central High School in any interscholastic contest or practice, an athlete must meet all eligibility requirements of the IHSAA and Muncie Central High School with an emphasis on the following:

1. Rule 4-1 AGE A student who is or shall be twenty (20) years of age prior to or on the scheduled date of the IHSAA   state finals in a sport shall be ineligible for athletic competition in that sport; a student who is nineteen   (19) years of age on the scheduled date of the IHSAA state finals in a sport shall be eligible as to age   for interschool competition in that sport.  

2.  Athletes must have received passing grades at the end of their last 9 week grading period in school (semester  grades take precedence) in at least 5 solid subjects.  Eligibility commences and expires one week after the end of a grading period.  Athlete’s who are academically ineligible may not participate in authorized contests.  Athletes that pass 5 classes, but do not have a 2.0 GPA (for the grading period) are required to attend 2 study tables per week until the end of their season.  

 3.  All athletes must have a Student-Parent-Physicians certificate (physical form) on file in the Athletic    Director’s office for the current school year before participating in an organized practice.  The athlete   is ineligible until that time.  The physical exam by an MD, DO, NP or PA must be given between April  1st and the athlete’s first practice.  The athlete must also have health insurance

4.  If an athlete quits a sport, he/she may not participate in another sport until that sport season is complete.     Also, an athlete may not join a team after the start of the contest season in that sport unless    the athlete is a move-in to our district or with the approval of the coach and athletic director.  An athlete  may change sports during the practice season only with the approval of the athletic director.  

5.  An athlete must be an active participant in ten (10) days of practice sessions before he/she may compete in   an authorized contest.  (2 -Girls' Golf, or 5 - if coming out from the previous sport season).  

6.  After an athlete has missed five (5) or more consecutive practices due to illness or injury, he/she must    provide a physician’s release form before he/she may continue with practices or contests.  (See    IHSAA Rule 9-14)  

7.  Athletes are encouraged to keep in close contact with their guidance counselor, and coach, in regard to dates that the ACT and SAT tests are given if planning to go to college.  Selection of core courses is important in order to meet NCAA requirements for eligibility.