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Muncie Community Schools and Muncie Public Library entered into an agreement to work together to provide our students a great opportunity. With this merger, Muncie Central High School’s materials will soon appear in the Muncie Public Library online catalog.

Muncie Central's Catalog

Recently, your student received a library card which will provide the opportunity to check out books from the Muncie Public Library. The students will also have the opportunity to request print items to be delivered to Muncie Central for their use.  This card is intended to replace any previous Muncie Public Library card.  If this card is lost, there will be a replacement fee for a new card. The students will need their cards at school. 

With this card your student will have access to all of the Muncie Public Library Collections.  If you would like to restrict your students access to any of these, please call 765-254-4813.

Your student is expected to use library materials responsibly.  Please be aware that Muncie Community Schools’ district policy and Muncie Public Library policy states that current replacement cost for books that are lost or damaged beyond reasonable repair will be charged to the student.  Payment is expected during the same school year.

We hope that you and your student will visit the Muncie Public Library often, and you can enjoy reading books together from not only Muncie Central’s library, but Muncie Public Library as well. Please help instill the love of reading in your student.  It will help them their entire lives.