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Vision Statement

The Mission of Muncie Central High School is to provide all students with skills necessary to:

  • think critically
  • solve problems
  • access information
  • become life-long learners

Keeping in mind our long and successful history, Muncie Central High School will prepare the diverse student population to become contributing, responsible, and productive members of a global society.

Our Student Population

Muncie High School 1881-1913

Records indicate that as early as 1868, Muncie H. S. had a graduating class comprised of six members.

Central High School 1881-1913

According to an article by Larry Lough of the Muncie Star published on Sunday, May 20, 1973, the “old” building that most Munsonians remember was first put in use on November 30, 1915 and continued being the site of Muncie Central High School until May 30, 1973. It was located on South High Street and contained four stories. Many tales are told of some of the mysteries of that building, but those are best left for another time. The building on North Walnut Street has been the site of the high school since that.

Central HS 1973 - Present

Originally built as an open concept school, with few walls between classrooms, most of the building has been remodeled to a more standard format. Additionally, many upgrades to technology and athletic facilities have been made in the past few years.

Tradition is strong at Muncie Central. Athletics and academics have had excellent reputations throughout the community and state. In athletics, our eight state championships in basketball are more than any other high school in Indiana and our three consecutive state championships in volleyball are a school record. Students graduating from Muncie Central have had a tradition of going on to post excellent collegiate academic records and becoming business and civic leaders throughout the country.

The most important aspect of Muncie Central, as with any good school, has been the people involved with it. A quote taken by Mr. Lough of the Muncie Star from Dr. Harold Fenimore, a highly respected teacher who taught both math and science at Central for 45 years, states this very well – “What made Muncie Central High School outstanding during its existence? Surely there were three groups of people: the honest, earnest, hard-working students imbued with a keen sense of responsibility and honor; the members of the entire community of who maintained the facilities and helped guide the policies of the school, sending their sons and daughters from homes where both love and authority existed; and the many dedicated teachers who gave unselfishly of their time and energy to those boys and girls whom they ‘adopted’ as their own, and whose interest in their lives and success extended beyond the doors of the school.”

Come visit with us and see that these elements are still alive and well at Muncie Central High School!