All Freshmen and Sophomores will be in a Success designed to prepare the for the upcoming ECA and ISTEP+ exams. Although freshman are not taking a state mandated test, the material being reviewed will prepare them for success when they take the ISTEP+ exam their sophomore year by providing them exposure to the more in depth questions that the test has changed to.

Juniors and Seniors will have the option to take an Upper Level Success. Upper Level success is designed to provided students with remediation in state mandated courses or topics that might not typically be studied in a high school curriculum. Students also have the option of a late arrival, provided they have met certain criteria prior to the rotation. That criteria is listed below. If a student does not meet the criteria, then they will be placed into an Upper Level Success of their choosing.

Junior and Senior Success Survey

Late Arrival Criteria

  • 95% Attendance Rate
  • Passed BOTH ECA exams.
  • Passed all classes.
  • Passed Accuplacer (Juniors only)
  • Has taken or is currently enrolled in a Personal Finance Class (Seniors only)

Course Options

Archery - Students will learn how to shoot a bow in arrow.

Architecture for Girls - Girls are encouraged to take this course to learn about the basics of architecture.

Art for Beginners - If you haven't taken an art class and would like to learn some basics of art.

Advanced Art - Students who have taken or are currently taking art can dive into techniques that can't be taught during the school day.

Board Games - Learn about some classic board games and play with some friends.

Book Club - Students will pick up a good book and have a discussion about the book they read.

Chem Lab - Students will get the chance to see some chemistry demonstrations and look at some chemistry related videos.

Classical/Historical Movies - Get the chance to see some movies that shaped the current movie industry.

Cooking 101 - Get the chance to learn how to cook for yourself. College is just around the corner.

Creative Stichery - Students will learn different stitching techniques.

Creative Writing - Want to be an author? Students get the chance to learn how to write a more in depth story.

Current Events - There's a lot going on in the world today and this is a chance to learn about what is happening and the possible consequences of those events.

Greenhouse - Be a part of cleaning up the Greenhouse and learning about what it takes for sustainable living.

History of Comic Books - Learn about the history of comic books in this seminar.

History of Rock and Roll - Students will learn how Rock and Roll started and how it influences the music you hear today.

Musical Theater -Students will learn the music, choreography, and characterization associated with a song or songs from the musical theater catalogue. Students will be expected to sing, dance, and act as a group. Solo opportunities will be available for those who wish to audition. At the end of the success class the group WILL PERFORM FOR AN AUDIENCE OF THEIR PEERS!!!!

PC - In Physical Conditioning students will learn proper techniques for lifting.

Politics Today - With the upcoming presidential election, it's important to understand the political climate.

Recreation - Need a break from the academic atmosphere. Get some exercise in recreation success.

SAT/ACT Prep - Junior year is the most important year to build your "test" resume for colleges. Learn what's on the test and tips and techniques for doing well on both the SAT and the ACT.

Sci-Fi/Dr. Who - Learn about the Sci-Fi genre and learn who Dr. Who is.

Scrapbooking - Students will learn how to put a scrapbook together and techniques for making a scrapbook catch your eye.

Study Hall - Need some extra time to get some work done from your classes. A study hall might help you get that done.

AP Study Hall - A study hall designed for the needs of students who are taking AP classes. Help for different AP classes will be available.