Student Services

Welcome to the Muncie Central Student Services Home Page! Information regarding contacting your assistant principal, registration and bullying can be found if you scroll down the page. Please feel free to use the contact information found below if you have any questions of our staff. The letters in the parenthesis after the name of the assistant principal indicates the letter of the last name of your student that they are assigned.

Assistant & Associate Principals

Ms. Kenna Jones

Mr. Justin Oliver (H-Q)

Ms. Rhonda Ward (R-Z)

Mr. Steve Douglas (A-G)


Student Services Administrative Assistant

Josie Watkins
(765) 747-5282

Registration Information

If you are looking to enroll your student at Muncie Central High School, please print the appropriate packet off and bring it by Muncie Central to enroll your student.

Freshman and Returning Students Registration Packet

NEW Student Enrollment Packet

Bullying Information

Muncie Central High School is continuing our goal of increasing the community's understanding of bullying and harassment. Muncie Central High School is committed to creating a bullying free school. We will continue to provide a safe and optimum learning environment for all students.

Please click on the following link to read the new Indiana Bullying law titled House Enrolled Act 1423 from the 118th Indiana General Assembly:

Types of Bullying

Physical bullying involves harmful actions against a student's body. Some examples are hitting or kicking. It also involves stealing or damaging another student's property. Verbal bullying involves a student speaking about another student in a way that is unkind or harmful. Some examples are teasing, name-calling, or spreading rumors. Non-verbal bullying refers to behaviors that embarrass another person. Some examples are leaving a student out of an event on purpose or making rude gestures. Cyber bullying is using electronic devices to send cruel text or pictures using the internet or other digital communication devices. Some examples are breaking into someone's email address or using a camera phone to take and send inappropriate pictures.

Bullying Prevention

Students have the responsibility to report any bullying incidents that occur in school. Some steps a student should take could include:

  • Reporting the incident to an administrator, teacher, guidance counselor, or security staff.
  • Anonymously reporting the incident by placing a note in the bullying box located on the wall by the west entrance of the library and the on the wall in the business hallway next to the men’s restroom.
  • Call the phone tip line and crime stoppers inc @ 765-286-4050. Crime Stoppers pays for information leading to an arrest.

MCHS Commitment to Bullying Prevention

Muncie Central High School is committed to creating a school environment that is free of bullying and harassment. The school administration will respond quickly and decisively to reported incidents of bullying