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Fieldhouse Poised for Reopening

Story By: Sam Hitz Photo By: McKenna Davis

The Muncie Central Fieldhouse is a monument to the spirit of Muncie, Indiana. Sadly that spirit had suffered a devastating event when a tornado struck the Fieldhouse and it withtook serious architectural damage. The Fieldhouse has been in a state of despair for the past two years while under construction. 

The Fieldhouse has been in use since 1928. It has been used for events such as band concerts, choir concerts, basketball games, car shows, and other such events. It was also used a vocational classroom in its earlier days. The first event to ever take place within the Fieldhouse was a basketball game against Anderson on December 7, 1928. The Fieldhouse used to be one of the largest gymnasiums in the entire United States, but in 2016 a portion of the stands was closed off due to structural issues, dropping it below the top ten. 

The Muncie Central Fieldhouse has always been known and remembered as a gathering place for the citizens of this great city. Many folk were devastated after hearing the news of the damages inflicted upon the Field House by a force of nature as devastating as a tornado.  

Muncie Central Alumni and retiree, Kay Rankin said, ̈ To learn of the damage done to the Fieldhouse two years ago was devastating. And even just as devastating was the fact that the administration of MCS at that time felt the building should be torn down!” Thankfully the administration went through some changes and the current board decided to go through with the repairs. The school received a total of 1.24 million dollars to repair the Fieldhouse to its former glory. Nine-hundred thousand dollars was insurance money and 340,000 would be given after the repairs to the building had already begun. Many Muncie Alumni donated money to try to save the building that had once been the center of all the most extravagant events that Muncie had to offer. After the repairs are finished, the Fieldhouse is said to again be able to hold its original carrying capacity of 7,635. Before repairs however, the Fieldhouse could only carry 6,000. 

The damage that the Fieldhouse endured amplified existing problems that the structure had already as well as adding new structural issues to the mix. MCS administration approved a contract with Commercial Team Construction to replace sections of brick and mortar, as well as to repair sections of the roof as well. The administration has also used the money received to repair the east section of seats which had been closed off in 2016 due to structural issues. Thanks to the storm and the reconstruction of the Fieldhouse that had to occur because of it, the Fieldhouse should be back up to its original carrying capacity. 

Many people are very excited for the Fieldhouse ́s grand reopening. The Fieldhouse will be back up and running within the next month and hosting plenty of events to commemorate its reopening. Such events include a pep rally for the students of Muncie Central High School, basketball games, and other such events. The citizens of Muncie are excited to once again be able to attend events at the Fieldhouse and to feel the spirit of Muncie become full once again.

Student of the Month: Food is Motivation
Story By: Brooklynn Baldridge

Do you like restaurant style food? Food like Buffalo Wild Wings, Greeks Pizzeria or Chili’s? Well, being Student of the Month might be the right fit for you! Every month thirty students get picked to experience it! During a meeting, the teachers have every month they express the students of best fit from their particular department. 

For the month of August, the school had Olive Garden catered here to the school for the students. Olive Garden had a variety of pasta options, as well as breadsticks and their mint candies. During the month of September, the students got to experience food from Greek’s Pizzeria. They offered plenty of pizza, boneless wings and their breadsticks.  October brought Qdoba.

This year is different than the past because the school had an extra grant to use. Principal Walker decided to use it toward the student of the month because he hopes with the look of food their talking, kids will involve themselves more in the classroom to achieve this award. The grant being used is called Star Press PBIS School Grant. Walker said, “It was kind of a random grant we received and we wanted to use it on something that would help get the students more involved and it just so happened we had the extra funds to have extra fun.”

Getting kids involved is a huge priority from teacher/administration levels. The administrators seek the importance to make us kids happy. Having these kids strive to be a student of the month keeps the negativity out of the halls and classrooms.  

         From a student's perspective, they seem to strive a little more now that they see there are new rewards. Sophomore Ariana Brown said, “ I think the food probably sets it off a little more. It personally doesn’t excite me because I don’t eat at all here at school, but I still strive myself to get the title.” She strives for the title because it looks good on herself and represents her family well. 

From the teacher perspective they have several responsibilities. Mrs. Martinez said, “ I base the recognition off of attendance and how the students participate within the classroom. If they are showing up and doing their work in class, then they deserve to be up for grabs. I also choose someone who shows a little bit of leadership among the class. There have been times when I have picked the most improved. Student has shown their best effort to succeed from where they started and that makes me happy.” 

If you enjoy food, you better start enjoying school a little bit more. Once a month you may get chose to enjoy comfy soul food here within the school. Get to class on time, do not miss or skip, be respectful, listen and learn, and you just might be up for grabs in the next election of student of the month candidates!